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Dirty Little War

c2000 by Michael Jerling

From the album Little Movies

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Dirty Little War	© 2000		Michael Jerling

If I’m stuck in a nursing home 
This would do quite well
But the paintings and plants 
Can’t disguise the urine smell
As I step off the elevator 
On the second floor
There to visit a friend 
When a man pulls me in his door

The old man had piercing eyes 
And snow white hair
In his English tweeds 
He sat tall in his wheelchair
And he said I’m sure you know 
What you’ve come here for
Another dangerous day 
In a dirty little war

Before I could protest he said
“No time for talk
I have your forged documents
And ten thousand East German marks”
As he pushed the envelope 
Into my hand
He said, “Control assures me 
You are the very man”

From Berlin to Saigon
Athens to Hong Kong
Your reputation precedes you

The nurse pushed in and said
“You’d better go”
Her needle flashed 
I dashed for the stairway door
As I pulled from the parking lot 
I felt a rush of fear
There was a black Mercedes Benz 
In my rear view mirror

I took the curve on two wheels 
As my mini van engine roared
Another dangerous day 
In a dirty little war
Another dangerous day 
In a dirty little war

Michael Jerling - guitar, harmonica, keyboard, vocals
Tony Markellis - acoustic bass
Danny Whelchel - percussion


©2001 - 2023 by Michael Jerling

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