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Who Wants to Host a House Concert?

Adapted and used courtesy of longtime DJ and performer, Phil Shapiro. (I couldn't say it any better! MJ)

All you need is a decent size room, some extra folding chairs, and some friends who think that this is a pretty neat idea. There's a kind of an elegance about a private concert. It's the kind of thing that the wealthy probably do, only their chairs are nicer and I bet they don't have nearly as much fun.

The work of putting on a house concert happens in advance. You need to find a date that both you and I can do, and you need to line up some approximation of 20 friends, and friends of friends, who trust your excellent taste, or are at least willing to take a chance. Charge 10 bucks.

And you probably have to clean your house a little bit. Clean the toilet. Yup. That's the main advantage of doing a house concert. It forces you to do what your Mother always wanted you to do.

The concert itself is hardly any work at all. You don't need a sound system. You do have to gather chairs, but I can squeeze in almost anywhere. Then you sit back and listen and sing. There's nothing else to do.

If you're interested, send me an e-mail or give me a call.

One thing we've noticed: a lot of the people who like my music live in small towns, not big cities. Maybe it's the kind of music I play. Maybe it's because life is quiet in small towns and this is a way to rev things up a bit for an evening. Whatever the cause, some of my most fun evenings have been with total strangers in places where if you blink, you missed it.


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