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Family Recipe

I Never Thought (clip)
Family Recipe (clip)
In Lieu of Flowers (clip)
It's Three A.M. (clip)
When Words Still Mattered (clip)
Genghis Khan (clip)
Beach House 1973 (clip)
Smelly Old Dog (clip)
Talk Too Little (clip)
The Temperature of Women (clip)
Old Boomtown (clip)
That's Why Republicans Hate Trains (clip)

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"Family Recipe" (2018) is Michael Jerling's tenth album, a collection of twelve new original songs. Included are a country ballad, "In Lieu Of Flowers," a poignant look at family with the folky "Family Recipe," a bit of fingerpicking whimsy with "That's Why Republicans Hate Trains," and a waltz-time look at European café society between the wars in with "When Words Still Mattered."

Ably assisted by many talented musicians including Peter Ostroushko (mandolin), Tony Markellis (bass), Teresina Huxtable (reed organ, accordion, vocals), Tom Wieseler (keyboards), Danny Whelchel (drums and percussion), Kevin Maul (pedal steel & dobro), Nick Piccininni (fiddle), Orion Kribs (mandolin), John Kribs (electric guitar) and Don Armstrong, Liz Hood and Carol Christensen (harmonies). Greg Montgomery and Paula Rosenberg handled the album graphics.

This album is available on CD, and digitally as both hi-res MP3s and lossless FLACs. See more at my Fool's Hill Music online store.

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