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Fishtrap Lake

c1995 by Michael Jerling

From the album In Another Life

Fishin' for bluegills
Off the dock
Coffee can
And a dime store rod
Tomorrow we'll go out
In the boat at dawn
To the deep water
where the big fish run
Up at Fishtrap Lake,Fishtrap Lake

Swimmin' with my brothers
My sister too
Swim all day 
Til our lips turn blue
Get out now
Before you get a cramp
Just one more time
Out to the raft
Up at Fishtrap Lake,Fishtrap Lake

Birch and maple
Spruce and pine
Bend in the winds
Of summertime
Old black bear
And the fat raccoon
Will feel the sting
Of winter soon

Up to the fish house
In the lantern light
Fish scales, fish guts
Sharp, sharp knife
Hot fat, corn meal
In the frying pan
Sit down at the table
Feel like a man
Up at Fishtrap Lake,Fishtrap Lake

Go for a ride
Watch out for deer
Dad stops at the tavern
Goes in for a beer
I stay outside
With the keys to the car
The radio
And the northern stars
Up at Fishtrap Lake,Fishtrap Lake


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