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The Flying Lawn Chair

c2000 by Michael Jerling

From the album Little Movies

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The Flying Lawn Chair	© 2000		Michael Jerling

A childís red balloon
A note tied to a string
That he sent heaven bound
But no one answered back
And he swore when he grew up
He would fly away himself

In the dream heís always rising
He is floating like a dove
In the company of eagles
In the blue above

Forty-three weather balloons
Tied to a lawn chair bought from Sears
He made his grand ascent
From his motherís small backyard
Soon he could see the blue Pacific
And the brown San Gabriels


At 16,000 feet
The air is thin and cold
So he popped a few balloons
With his pellet gun
ĎTil he scraped across the rooftops
To a soft suburban lawn


Another nut from California
All the Eastern papers said
And he had to pay a fine
To the FAA
But you wonít find a dreamerís price
On any bottom line


Well, we all love happy endings
Perhaps somewhere in time he found one
But the years would use him hard
And leave him all alone
A note clutched in his hand
And a bullet through his heart


A childís red balloon
A note tied to a string
That he sent heaven bound

Michael Jerling - 6 string and high-strung guitar, keyboard, vocal 
Tony Markellis - acoustic bass



©2001 - 2024 by Michael Jerling

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