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Grandpa's Ukulele

c1996 by Michael Jerling

From the album In Another Life

I looked out at the morning
I knew that I'd been robbed
The driver's window broken
Glass was on the ground

I ran out the door
Into the pale December sun
Choking on my anger
At the damage they had done

The radio was stolen
The toolbox and the spare tire
And my Grandpa's ukulele
Circa 1925

It was just a Sears&Roebuck
It was not worth much at all
I searched along the alley
But I knew that it was gone

And when I made my phone call
The cops were not impressed
It's probably drug related
"You know we get a lot of this"

Grandpa played his uke at parties
Everyone would sing along
My Dad danced on the kitchen table
And he sang a little song

I imagine him in short pants
And Shirley Temple curls
My Grandpa's ukulele 
Took me to a vanished world

I look out at the morning
And I know that I've been robbed
Of my Grandpa's ukulele
And my father's little song

It was just a Sears&Roebuck
It was nothing he could sell
I hope that junkie plays the pig
At a Luau down in hell


©2001 - 2024 by Michael Jerling

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