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How Can People Live Like That

c1995 by Michael Jerling

From the album In Another Life

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She shuddered every time
She drove that county road
Past the worn out farmhouse
And the shabby trailer home
And now she sees a poor dead deer
Hanging from their tree
How can people live like that

Where the brand new houses
Start at two hundred grand
She pulls into her driveway
In a bright red mini van
Punches the security code
Then double locks the door
How can people live like that

She telephones her husband
He is still at work
These people shooting off their guns
Someone will get hurt
He says he knows someone in town
And he'll put in the word
How can people live like that

The sheriff's known old Harold
Since he was a boy
Played football with the oldest boy
Who moved to Illinois
He shakes Harold's hand and says
We've had some complaints
How can people live like that

Harold's family's lived here
For a hundred fifty years
Lived off this piece of bottom land
The rabbits and the deer
Minded his own business
And thinks folks should do the same
How can people live like that

The county widened out the road
Gave the old man the push
They put a strip mall in his pasture
Cut down the sugar bush
And the people passing by now
Don't give a second look
How can people live like that
How can people live like that


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