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Jimmy & Jerry Lee

c1985 by Michael Jerling

From the album Early Jerling

I'll tell you a story
Please don't slow  me down
Two cousins grew up side by side
In a sleepy delta town
Here's the story of Jimmy & Jerry Lee

Well they both played the piano
They both loved to sing
One of them worshipped rhythm and blues
The other one Christ the King
Talk about rhythm and blues
Talk about Christ the King

Son of the Devil, Son of the Lord
Son of the Devil, Son of the Lord
Son of the Devil

They took the road to riches
Both had something to sell
Tent revival heaven
Seedy roadhouse hell
Talk about heaven
Talk about hell


When you grow up in the delta
And it's all you've ever seen
There's a left-hand road
There's a right-hand road
But there's no road in between
That's the story of Jimmy & Jerry Lee



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