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My Acceptance Speech

From the album Crooked Path

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My Acceptance Speech ©2007  Michael Jerling

As I humbly stand before you
Accepting this award
There’s some people I must thank
I hope you won’t be bored
That red haired girl back in the third grade
She lent me paper from her desk
I always meant to pay you back
Please send me your address

And of course my family made me
The man I am today
How I wish my folks could be here
But they’ve both passed away
I thank my Mom for singing alto
Har-mo-ny in the car
When she retired I taught her chords
On her new guitar

I thank my Dad for never asking
Just what kind of rash
I picked up in Arizona
He just wired the cash
My younger brothers and my sister
How I lorded over them
Now that I’ve won this great award
It’s like we’re kids again

Most of all I thank my wife
Some twenty years ago
We went down to City Hall
Filled out all the forms
The clerk asked me my occupation
I said I worked at Monkey Ward’s
She said no, you’re a musician
My heart could hold no more

I see you moving toward the exits
Squirming in your seats
And so I thank the few true friends
Who listened to my speech 


©2001 - 2023 by Michael Jerling

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