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North Country Jukebox

c1982 by Michael Jerling

From the album Early Jerling

Song clip

The last tourist is gone
Took the camper and the kids
Took the money too
And I'm glad that they did
It's the best time of the year
The air is sharp and clear
Got the lake to myself
The woods full of deer
It's a good time to take a walk
Think about all the things you've got
And play a song for a north country jukebox

Some say I'm a crazy fool living here 
Where the north wind rumbles through
Like a ghost train
Maybe they are right
But cold weather I don't mind
I've got a couple of cords of hardwood
Stacked against the house
And I'll do just fine
I'll stoke the stove up red hot
Put some coffee in the pot
And play a song for a north country jukebox

Winter keeps this land
A little farther from their reach
If the sun shined here all year
It would be Miami Beach

Hey pour me another beer, you know 
You'll often find me here
It's a second home
I don't apologize
All my good friends wander in
Cause it's the only place there is
I'm an eight ball king
A pinball wiz
But if I miss this shot
I'll put a quarter in the slot
And play a song for a north country jukebox


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