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Old Henry's House

From the album Little Movies

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Old Henry's House	© 1999		Michael Jerling

When old Henry died 
No one was there
Gave up the ghost 
In his easy chair
Neighbor found him 
With the TV on
Picked up the phone 
Dialed 911
At old Henry’s house

His sister called me 
From Buffalo
She just thought that 
I’d like to know
She’d leave a key 
I could stop on by
For some little thing 
To remember him by
At old Henry’s house

But old Henry’s house 
Had been picked clean
Marks on the walls 
Where things used to be
Still I found a pipe wrench 
I could use
An old fly rod 
Made of bamboo
At old Henry’s house

Photograph on 
The dusty floor
Six young Marines 
Nineteen forty-four
The names were written 
On the back
And all but one 
Crossed out in black
At old Henry’s house

When old Henry died
No one was there
He gave up the ghost 
In his easy chair

Michael Jerling - mandolin, high-strung guitar, vocal
Tony Markellis - acoustic bass
Teresina Huxtable - reed organ
Kevin Maul - slide guitar 


©2001 - 2023 by Michael Jerling

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