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Pinto Pony

From the album My Evil Twin

Song clip (from live album, Music Here Tonight)

Pinto Pony © 1992  Michael Jerling

Nineteen-Fifties cowboy kids 
Dreamed in black & white
Practiced on our fast draw 
By the TV light
I won the West in my backyard 
That wagon train got through
I tell you Bart this town 
Ain't big enough for me and you

Me and my pinto pony ride
Away beneath Montana skies
I don't say much but when I do
You know the words I speak are true
I pull my hat down on my head
Squint into the sun

I'm married now, I live back east
I know that times have changed
Kids on my block never dream
Of ridin' on the range
But when the world gets down on me
And nothin' else makes sense
I jump into the saddle
And fly beyond the fence


Nineteen-Fifties cowboy kids 
Dreamed in black & white
But those singin' cowboys never made it
With me and the guys
We won the West in my backyard
And I can tell you this
Not one dumb guitar got strummed
And not one girl got kissed


Wahoo ... wahoo ... wahoo ... 
Wahoo ... wahoo ... wahoo ... hooo 


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