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Riverboat Rag

c1977 by Michael Jerling

From the album Early Jerling

Song clip

Sweeter than a catfish
Fryin' in the pan
Those were the days
We were livin' off the fat of the land

Listenin' to the river
Starin' at the fire
Lyin' on our backs
Blowin' smoke rings up to the stars

But now he's livin' in St. Louis
At the Fenwick Arms Hotel
On that gamblin' table each and every night
With a gal dressed like a riverboat
He's smokin' big cigars
And he's wonderin' why his luck ain't runnin' right

I drink rot-gut whiskey
He drinks English gin
It gets you the same place
One's a more expensive sin

Now if you're in St. Louis
Look up my old friend
Ask for Mr. Sawyer
Tell him the river always wins


Ask for Mr. Sawyer
Tell him the river always wins
Just a little free advice
From old Huckleberry Finn


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