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The Story

© 2013 by Michael Jerling

From the album Halfway Home

The story was told
Her coffee cup cold
The blue suitcase gone from the hall
When I read the note
The note that she wrote
It said everything nothing at all

The teakettle moans
The TV set drones
The dishes are done and they're draining
The sun shines down hard
On our little back yard
In the movies it would have been raining

When they told he'd died
I just couldn't cry
Some switch in my brain had been broken
I tried to stand tall
Make sense of it all
From the river of words that were spoken

Now I go back to bed
And I lay down my head
Her scent is still strong on the pillow
I recall long ago
A story was told
The tale of the oak and the willow


©2001 - 2023 by Michael Jerling

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