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The Weather Channel

From the album Little Movies

Song clip

The Weather Channel  ©2001   Michael Jerling

Itís on all night
Itís on all day
The people smile
The musicís great
My local forecast
Is on the eights

Thereís a storm off Africa 
Cominí this way
It might hit four on the 
Saffir-Simpson Scale
Donít get me wrong 
I donít want 
Anyone to die
Sure would be cool to hit 
Category Five
I think Iíll just stay right here
And watch The Weather Channel

Thereís a little old man
Outside Moline
Since he got cable
Heís seldom seen
Stocks up on canned goods
Stares at the screen

Twisters in Texas 
Blizzard in Maine
Black ice in Saskatoon
Mudslides in L.A.
Outside my window
The sky is blue
But a fast moving front
Could come right through
He thinks heíll just stay right there
And watch the Weather Channel

Their correspondents
Are on the scene
Flapping like flags
Along the beach
Out on the highway
Crusted with sleet

Floods out in Bangladesh
Dust storms in Bahrain
Black ice in Saskatoon
A blizzard in Maine
Thought I might take the wife
Go out to a show
But now Iím worried about 
This monsoonal flow
I think weíll just stay right here
and watch The Weather Channel

Honey, do we live in a low lying area?
You know itís the storm surge thatíll get yaí
I know we live in South Dakota
But these storms can spawn tornadic activity

Michael Jerling - 12 string, vocals
Tony Markellis - acoustic bass
Danny Whelchel - drums, percussion
Kevin Maul - pedal steel


©2001 - 2023 by Michael Jerling

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