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Through Christmastime

From the album Crooked Path

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Through Christmastime ©2007  Michael Jerling

Christmas comes but once a year
And when I was a child
I thought everyone around the world
Sang of Mary meek and mild
And Baby Jesus in the straw
Beneath one guiding star
Life was simple safe and warm
In my motherís arms

Consider Father Abraham
That Hebrew tribal king
He wasnít quite the paragon
Of modern parenting
Laid his son Isaac on the stone
And sharpened up his knife
Cast out Ishmael from his home
To wander all his life

Oh to have such certainty
Oh to have such faith
Oh to have such love of God
Slowly turned to hate
The sons of Isaac still can feel
That cold stone on their backs
The sons of Ishmael still can taste
The bitterness and sand

Christmas comes but once a year
Iím crazy I suppose
Still I wish you Peace On Earth
Salaam, Shalom
If there is one true guiding star
The paths to it grow wild
And my untended weedy way
Does pass through Christmastime
Does pass through Christmastime 


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