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Wide Awake in Parsippany

c1995 by Michael Jerling

From the album In Another Life

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Gotta get off the Interstate
My eyes are heavy
I just can't drive another mile
All the signs say no vacancy
Up ahead there's a neon sign
Motel Rest-A-While
I pull in and smile
In Parsippany

A Bengali Norman Bates
The motel clerk's
Says we've got a space
I'll take the room
He says good night
And I take the key
Turn on the light, it's not much
But it's all right with me
I just want to sleep
In Parsippany

The mattress has lumps
Where there shouldn't be lumps
There's a bump on the wall
There's a loud thump
Right outside my door
The TV set has two channels
It's a color TV
The two colors are pink and green
I can't get to sleep
In Parsippany

Domestic quarrel - Room 43
Or the monthly meeting
Of the White Trash
Debating Society
I'd call home
But the room has no phone 
Nobody knows I'm here
Lord, don't let me die alone
A little taste of hell
In Parsippany

Wide awake in Parsippany
Wide awake
Wide awake in Parsippany
Wide awake


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